Project Nunavut is an Iqaluit-based social enterprise with a focus on implementing projects that improve the viability of the traditional economy.

Our mission is to seek out high impact, and feasible projects that positively contribute to a flourishing economy based on reinforcing authentically Northern lifestyles and cultural values.

To date our realized projects have been focused on the food system: Project Sealift used the naturally coordinating effect of seasonal marine shipping to increase local purchasing power and to reduce the cost and environmental impact of imported food from the South. The Country Food Market provides the opportunity for hunters to reinvest in their equipment by selling their surplus harvest mostly to Inuit families who crave for more traditional foods.

We’re working with local harvesters to develop a sustainable fishery based on currently underutilized local biological resources; we are also working to create a Harvester’s cooperative that will focus efforts to improve infrastructure to support our local hunters.