About the Country Food Market

The cost and efforts required to harvest food for our communities is extremely high. Even though harvesters are among the most respected and hardest working members of our society, it can be very difficult for them to find the resources necessary to maintain their equipment and to continue living a traditional lifestyle. Seals, caribou, and fish cannot be turned into snow machine parts, a new engine, or a repaired boat. In order to continue hunting, harvesters have to find a second job or an outside source of income. The country food market allows hunters an opportunity to make ends meet by practicing the lifestyle that they enjoy. Hunters set their own prices for the food they sell, and they keep all of the proceeds from their sales.

Food at the Market

We've had a wide range of traditional foods available including: char, walrus, seal, beluga, narwhal, ptarmigan, polar bear, caribou, berries, and clams. To find out details on the next market check our facebook page.