Hunter's Harvest

In November of 2010 we did a pilot country food market where Inuit hunters and harvesters from across the territory could come and sell food to people hungry for access to traditional foods. It was a huge success. Hundreds of people showed up and hunters sold out in a matter of minutes. Now we're working to move the market online through Hunter's Harvest.

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Fisheries Research and Development

Since 2014 Project Nunavut has been leading an annual research expedition down the Amadjuak River to tag and sample Arctic Char with the goal of better understanding the migrations and ecology of the water system. This work is a partnership between ourselves, the Government of Nunavut's Fisheries and Sealing division, the Ocean Tracking Network, and Northwinds Arctic. This project is a throwback to the early days of exploration when expeditions' scientific achievements were as celebrated as the feats of human endurance required to achieve them.


Country Food Distribution Program

Project Nunavut has been working with the Government of Nunavut to develop and roll out their Country Food Distribution Program. This program provides low-barrier and ongoing funding to hunters in every community of Nunavut. It also provides funding to build a new generation of Community Freezers across the territory.

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Renewable Energy Planning

Project Nunavut is actively advocating for the Government of Nunavut to adopt a strategy of renewable energy development that is equitable, accessible, and participatory to our communities as a whole. We would like to see opportunities for everyone to get involved. So far we have had no success on this file whatsoever.