Country Food Market

In November of 2010 we did a pilot country food market where Inuit hunters and harvesters from across the territory could come and sell food to people hungry for access to traditional foods. It was a huge success. Hundreds of people showed up and hunters sold out in a matter of minutes. The market has been running ever since.

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Fisheries Development

Iqaluit has world class talent when it comes to fishing in arctic conditions. We're working with the Government of Nunavut's Fisheries and Sealing Division to develop fisheries both in Frobisher Bay in the summer and across southern Baffin Island in the winter.


Project Sealift

After three years of operating Project Sealift in-house, we are passing the baton to Nuulift! Run by local long term resident Amelie Pelletier and her competent team, we're confident that she will bring the sealift project to new heights.

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Harvester's Cooperative

We're working with local harvesters and interested Iqalummiut to create a harvester's cooperative that will focus efforts to improve economic opportunities for harvesters, to develop and teach traditional skills, and to advocate and build small infrastructure that will improve the viability of continuing to sustainably harvest from the land.