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Project Nunavut

Implementing projects to strengthen community health
and build an authentically northern economy.

What we do

Project Nunavut is an Iqaluit-based social enterprise with a focus on implementing projects that improve the health of our communities, the viability of the traditional economy, that improve community self-reliance, and contribute to an economy anchored in Inuit Societal Values.

Our mission is to seek out high impact and feasible projects and then to make them happen.


Wild. Sustainable. Unique. Arctic char from Nunavut. Inuit are the world’s foremost experts on harvesting, preparing, and consuming Arctic char. Lake to Plate promotes Inuit expertise by empowering Inuit fishermen to sell their Arctic char to seafood lovers across Canada. This project is being supported by CanNor and the Government of Nunavut’s Fisheries and Sealing division.

Hunters Harvest is an online platform for to connect with Nunavut hunters interested in selling surplus country food within Nunavut. It’s a platform you can trust and brings environmental sustainability and accountability to the territory’s vibrant grassroots trade in country food. This project is being supported by CanNor and the Department of Economic Development and Transportation

The Nunavut Solar Project is a social enterprise taking an inclusive and local approach to the development of commercial scale solar power in Nunavut, through training and innovative development models.


Our approach of identifying, developing, and implementing strategic projects is as relevant working within government as it is working on the outside.

Working within the public sector we’ve been able to help the government build new community freezers, provide more access to country food, conduct fisheries research, and improve program design and delivery.

The Team

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